This home page is consecrated to a personnage of strip cartoon, Rahan, the fierce ages' son. there is obviously a lot of graphics ,  site of Rahan, fierce ages'son

© Roger Lécureux for storys
©André Chéret for drawing
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The  authors : Roger Lecureux. - Andre Cheret.

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English pages about Rahan, great french comics.


Created by Roger Lecureux and Andre Cheret, Rahan is a comics caractere published in Pif Gadget Magazin for the first time, about 1969.

Rahan is a hero of more 180 stories, short (11 pages) or great (about 40 pages) all stories is now in 24 books (only in french version for the moment) more 3500 pages in total.

Adapted in cartoon for TV (26x 26 minutes) only in french to.

Rahan is very popular in France,he is a classical comics.

Just now Rahan have a lot of news, new stories from a new editor and any product about this hero:

Toys, pictures, statuette, expose ...

and some projects:

films and new cartoons ...

If you have a editing in a no french language, please contact me with message or an E-mail.

Rahan sur You Tube

Rahan by Xilam in vidéo

You can see the first pictures for the new Rahan's cartoon by Xilam on You tube ... And in English !!!

See now on You Tube
And you opimion on' s chat (in english or in french).



all in french !
All about new book (june 2008):

La horde des bannis
(The horde for banned)

In french only

All in lot of news : Statuette, exposition, cartoons in video ... (in french)


New cartoon, by Xilam at the TV in 2009,

on France 3 for France
and RAI for Italy...
And for all country ...

see on Xilam web site

Summary of Crao's son
(all pages only in french for the moment):

Actuality :
See all news about Rahan, you can see all Books with or about Rahan, Rahan's Products and see what press said after the next book and read interview of Pascal Hachet, the Rahan's Psy.

Les personnages ...Presentation :
The main caracteres, and Rahan on divan, so adventures and inventions of Rahan, the authors biography, homage to Roger Lecureux, the scenario writer and the Crao-le-sage's lexicon.

EXCLUSIF ! les interviews . Pour débuter, Rahan alias Lécureux.Interviews :
4 interviews in exclusivity for site: Rahan, A. Chéret, R. Lécureux and Pascal Hachet le psy de Rahan. See also an other interview extrait from an old magazin: Pif gadget n°500, Lécureux in 1978.

Création de fans Fans' area:
"La tanière du soleil (Sun's lair)" song in Real audio and in french from a french fan, some .Gif to download, Wanted documentation an old edition, specially the no-french version, and one page for Working Rahan's fans

30 ans de souvenirsArchives :
All old books about Rahan by series and editing,. The gadgets and a games newspapers from "Pif spécial Rahan". And news in 1999.

Paix et dialogue ....Communicate :
Your opinion, it's Rahan's news group. Thank you very much to contribut to poll, but you can see the answers, or send directly a message or put down in mailing list.

Bug de l'an 2000 ?Diverse :
History and prehistory some date of mark, all about cartoon, links to "Ceux-qui-marchent-debout", sponsor of site, Rahan and on line sale

All news (in french):
Last update : November 2008


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